Pre Game Activites

Want to know what we were doing before the SuperBowl?
When Andy used to be in the commercial construction business, they used PSF codes for roofs. In Minnesota, they constructed roofs to hold approximately 40 lbs PSF (per square foot).

It started snowing in November—light fluffy, it’s been a wonderful winter. And every day since then it seems we get a little more light…fluffy.lovely.
We have 30+ structures at Tuscarora, and we’d prefer not to test the PSF limits of all this light fluffiness on the trusses. So—we’re shoveling.

Last week my Dad cleared almost all the bunkhouses.

Yesterday we tackled our own house. For the lake side–I could still use one of our handy scoopy things to push the snow to the edges of the roof–and let it fall. While this push- shovel works on some sides of some buildings, we’ve begun to borrow other local methods for the driftier places. The snow block method is just dandy. It’s really a fun trick. But….get a load of the size of these blocks. How much they weigh? We’re only guessing, but I can testify that they’re definitely not fluffy. It’s very satisfying to drop all that weight–for the first 20 minutes or so.

You can also guess what Andy is doing right now while I type.