Raising Women

When I was a new teacher, years and years and years and years ago, I made some really good friends.  Meet Kadee, Polly, and Brenda, and their daughters.  These are the kinds of people that hold the world together.

They collectively gave birth to 14 kids–including these.  It’s a trick to raise girls, as they navigate through the images of strong independent career women with high-heeled vulnerability—to help them envision exactly where they fit, what choices they’ll make, who they’re going to be.

These friends visited Tuscarora last summer–for a canoe trip.  They had a blast, which is why they came.  But there are some other things we say to our daughters when we take them into the woods.

We can do it.

A little inconvenience can be worth the view.

Live it up.
The world is worth preserving.
We are funny.
We should take care of each other.
The simple things in life can be really fun.
This is what it feels like to be strong and capable
This is what it feels like to have a body that works for you
This what it feels like to belong and be cherished. Don’t ever settle for anything less.

2 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    I’ve learned all those things and more both at Tuscarora and on my trips 🙂 Nothing could replace those learning experiences.