Regardless of our predictions—the fire will do what it will.

About an hour ago I was comfortably writing a blog from our cocoon of Tuscarora, thinking that the fire was “contained” in our area–as we had heard at the 11am public meeting.

The hot (80 degrees) dry wind has shifted from south west to west–enough to stir something up. My dad came in and said—“Flare up beyond the point!!” we scrambled to start up the sprinklers. The hot dry sun took the eerie orange glow as large flames loomed from the west–on the ridge beyond the access road. The sheriff drove in to evacuate us.

Andy is still at the check point–where we heard from the air support on the radio “Tuscarora does not appear to be in immediate danger–this fire will burn into the black. We’ll need to watch for a change in the wind.”

The sprinklers will run as the rest of us are based at Gunflint Pines until the fire decides to let us back in.
I also heard, unofficially from Seagull landowners at the checkpoint, that Fishook Island is burning hotly today. I’m not hopeful for Wilderness Canoe Base, the special place where Andy and I met. We grieve with the entire Wilderness community today.
We also continue to be thankful that no lives have been lost to the Ham Lake Fire.

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2 Responses

  1. daveroni5503 says:

    Hi Sue. That is horrible to hear of your evacuation again. WCB seemed to be ok this noon and early afternoon. Not much to report said Jedidiah. But with the evolution of different winds and if they are coming out of the west, that might be something to worry about for WCB.

    Friends of the Base are preparing to rebuild WCB – so it will live on. We are planning on going ahead with the summer too! A number of camps have offered assistance and we will be making a request to all of the friends of WCB. Hopefully we can help out others too while we are up there! Keep up the great work!

  2. jae says:

    I am so saddened to hear about these devastating fires and the impact on people who truly enjoy the wonders this amazing area. I have a friend who recently moved into her new green home at the end of the gunflint. Does anyone know Susan S. and if her home has been spared. I am so worried about all of you. Take care of yourselves and one another.