On it burns…

I made it into Grand Marais to watch the kids’ talent show —because we were still evacuated from Tuscarora. We’ll stay in town tonight-too smokey for the kids up there. The world goes on as if all is normal. When I saw (USFS) Tom Kaffeine (I had seen him at the check point an hour before) I rushed over to talk to him….someone who was familiar with the “front lines”—someone who knew.
It was a firey, smokey afternoon up the Gunflint Trail. Andy managed to get a sheriff escort back in to Tuscarora, where he is now keeping the sprinklers running while watching the shore of Round Lake (by the access road) burn. He is also hosting 3 crews (60 fire fighters) in the bunkhouses. I’m glad that he is not alone.
It is a calm evening, the humidity is up. At least the fire should lie down for the night. We continue to hope for rain….and brace ourselves for another hot dry day forecasted for tomorrow.

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  1. Silverlake says:

    If any of them yellow shirts are from Indiana
    tell them Spike from Silverlake said Hi and you all be safe Spike in Indiana