Roof Angels

If you haven’t heard already, there is a lot of snow up in the Northwoods this year.  Tons and tons of it – literally.  While beautiful and fun it presents logistical nightmares for those who must keep roads clear and roofs standing.  Tuscarora’s numerous cabins and buildings adds up to a lot of roof surface area to worry about.  As the inches pile up on the shingles, blood pressures rise as well.  Shoveling all those roofs is a lot of hard work but if you don’t do it, the risk a roof that was built sometime in the 1940’s coming down increases with each snowfall.

We have been fortunate this winter to have a collection of longtime Tuscarora friends join us this winter and pitch in with the shoveling.  Thanks everyone!

2014.01.25 Mike

2014.02.20 001

2014.02.20 011 2014.03.07 045 2014.03.07 049 2014.03.07 052

There are some benefits from shoveling roofs.  The view is amazing.  It is extremely satisfying to break off a huge chunk of snow just right so it slides off with a whump.  And that huge blank surface of snow is great for making snow angels or should I say roof angels, which is exactly what all those helps are.

2014.02.20 008

The roofs are safe now from impending collapse which is a great load off the mind (bad pun intended).  All that snow that was on the roofs, is now on the ground in huge heavy piles.  This is not a complaint by any means, just an observation – I can’t see out my office window anymore…

2014.03.07 057