Wind Whipped Snow

2014.02.22 035b

I wish there was a way to take a picture of the wind to share with you.  You just can’t quite feel the biting way it takes your breath away with a picture.  It has been ferocious ever since the snow stopped falling yesterday afternoon.  All that fresh powder is being whipped around horizontally (and vertically, and in circles).  It ends up piling up in inconvenient places like Cool Whip.  Super heavy Cool Whip that only the pup eats.

2014.02.22 008 2014.02.22 016b

2014.02.22 012

Our little beach area is the worst.  The wind gets started on the far side of the lake and howls its way down the lake scraping up all the snow off the ice and delivering it to Tuscarora.  The plow piles and boat house turn the parking lot into a wind tunnel.  The ground is scoured clean down to the gravel in the middle.  To the sides the snow drifts into dunes worthy of the Sahara.

2014.02.22 021 2014.02.22 024

Cabin 2 with it’s beautiful lake view gets a face full of snow this time of year.  The drifts are as tall as the front steps.  Behind it there is a pile as tall as the roof way back there in the woods.

2014.02.22 025 2014.02.22 029

It is hard to tell that there are canoes out in the canoe yard, but they are there.  And the view from the outfitting office is, well, frosted with whipped cream.

6 Responses

  1. Nita Wolf says:

    Hi! I do think of you, Up North, with all of the snow we have gotten here in Northfield. Doesn’t feel like we live in Alaska?! The exception is we don’t have all the darkness for several months. That would really be hard to take. Actually, your latest photos could be our area as well. To give you an example, the snow drifts are so high on our coral (old horse coral now used for our dogs) that the dogs can just walk, or jump, right over the fence! This is a problem for sure since it is the area nearest the road and these two are Lab/retriever mix who just turned one year old and have no “street smarts!”
    Maybe you could get out some of your older canoes and go “canoe sledding” down a hill? It isn’t an Olympic sport yet, but maybe some day?!
    I’m sending you warm wishes!
    Nita Wolf

  2. Randy says:

    looks beautiful but I hope it is gone by May

  3. Jake says:

    We were trekking across round lake to the missing link portage close to the time you took this picture Saturday! Your description of the conditions is right on. Because of all that snow is was quite the effort to get all of our gear in for 3 nights of hot tent camping!

    • Rachel says:

      I saw you guys! I thought it looked a little…challenging. Glad to hear you made it and had a good time.