Round Lake is open!

Round Lake is open!  Ok, ok, ok, you can’t technically leave from our beach yet if you care about your canoe.  The wind switched last night pushing the remaining ice into our back bay.  However, the far side of the lake is open which means you can paddle from the public access landing to both portages!

The first group left this morning heading for Brant.  No one has been in to Missing Link or Tuscarora yet so the ice conditions that way are unknown.  Typically Missing Link is open around the same time as Round.  Tuscarora will be a few days later because it is such a large and deep lake.

We had one group this weekend staying on Larch Lake.  They reported good luck with walleye and that Clove Lake went out on Sunday.

Ham Lake is now completely ice free.  No one has paddle past Ham Lake yet, but typically when Ham is open, Cross Bay Lake is open.  Long Island Lake is most likely still covered in ice as it is a large deep lake as well.

The forecast for this week is on the cold side.  Highs in the lower 50’s.  Lows in the upper 20’s.  Mostly cloudy with on and off showers.  Not great for melting ice but if the wind keeps up with all the rain squalls, ice conditions will improve quickly!

Time to catch some lake trout!!!


2014.05.13b 001

Public access launch on Round Lake

2014.05.13 002

Tuscarora’s beach this morning

2014.05.13b 002

Looking toward the Missing Link portage from the public access dock

2014.05.13 010 2014.05.13b 0082014.05.13 015