Cross River is Running!

Andy, Lucy and I dipped in our paddles for the first time this spring!  The Cross Bay entry point dock is open and a little underwater.  The Cross River is running fast and full.  We passed by a beaver surveying the damage to his busted dam and an otter enjoying the fast moving fishing.  The little lake with out a name before Ham Lake was hosting two loons who were too busy fishing to notice us.  We scared up a flock of common mergansers and a pair of buffleheads.  A broad winged hawk was soaring over head.  We made it all the way past the first campsite on Ham Lake before we found the ice again.  We hugged the shoreline as far as we could punting ice chunks out of the way before we reached an icy dead end.  The portages still have a little snow in the shade but mostly they are covered in a nice layer of good old spring time mud. Round Lake is looking promising after last night’s rain.  The opening by Cabin 2 is getting larger and usually has a pair of mallards paddling around in it (at least until Lucy comes zooming in barking her head off).  The ice is pulling away from the shoreline and starting to get dark.  A killdeer has shown up in the canoe yard today, the merlin pair have found their Tuscarora nesting spot and the ravens are making a noisy nest close by.  Getting closer everyone!!! 2014.05.08 066 2014.05.08 006 2014.05.08 013 2014.05.08 018 2014.05.08 032 2014.05.08 028 2014.05.08 039 2014.05.08 044 2014.05.08 054

2014.05.08 077

Round Lake from the public portage

2014.05.08 078

Round Lake from the public portage

2 Responses

  1. Thomas Rettler says:

    Thanks for the update. Certainly encouraging to see the dark, rotting ice on both Ham and Round. Ice out can’t be but days away.
    Have made that trip into Ham dozens of times and have seen it look just as your images do, and think I know just about where you were blocked by the ice. Have used that first campsite on Ham and been there when the remaining ice left the lake drifting down that short stretch of fast water allowing us to continue our trip into Cross Bay. Ah! The memories of over 50+ years. Love to see your images. Almost brings tears to my eyes to see the old haunts.

    Thanks again,

    Tom Rettler.

  2. Randy says:

    Looking like canoeing time will be here next weekend