September Morning

Wow, it’s great to be alive on morning like this.

The reason the people paddle out in the rain and the wind…is just for the chance to wake up to a morning like this.

Saganaga is a pleasure on a morning like this.

The first frost—the promise of winter can’t even compete with the promise of this sunny day.

I love the adolescent forest on the Sag Channel. It reminds me of the playdough haircutting station that the kids used to have. You’d put the little plastic bald guy with scalp holes on the stand.. Then you’d press the lever and the playdough hair strands would squeeze out, all the same length, just like all these little trees that squeezed out of the ground about 15 years ago.

A perfect day for a tow to Cache Bay, to start a Quetico canoe trip….even for cleaning tents, it’s just a perfect day.