Summer Staff—Can’t live without them!

Here we are, on the busiest weekend of the summer…and they take it in stride. These competent young people take pride in the place, in their work, in each other. It’s obviously important to them that Tuscarora and all the people involved are well cared for. When I think about that part, it chokes me up a little.

We all know that the crew cook is the number one morale guy on staff, and Justin makes it look easy. This morning he picked fresh rasberries for a pie at lunch. Could it get any better than that? He has also cultivated our worm recycling system, and made the perfect breeding place for the little guys as they gobble up our garbage. You can hear Justin laugh throughout the grounds—and that is a happy sound. He leaves gentle little notes places—like ‘can I be composted?’ on the garbage can, AND, he almost won the Tuscarora triathlon!

Jennifer flips canoes around with the best of them. She quietly handles any task. Ask Jennifer about the turtle that leaped out in front of her car wheels. She couldn’t possibly avoid him. Amazing. It’s Jennifer who prompted my sunrise memory on Duncan lake in July–one of the better ones. She is adventuresome and strong, and we like her.
Lindsay found her home in the northwoods this summer–her enthusiasm for all outdoor activities is contagious. She takes on the major responsibility for the food room, and this is no small task. She’s got charisma–when she stays late to finish packing, somebody always comes in to hang out with her.

Sarah is as loyal and committed as they come. She is the one at the other end of the walkie talkie any time of the day, ready to go to the Trading Post. Coming from me who sets all of my stuff down, that is a huge accomplishment right there. She’s a great cook besides. And I hear that she cleans griddles like an outfitter.

Paul came with
Cassandra. In fact, now they’re engaged. We’re glad about that because Paul may have never found his way to the northwoods of MN without her. Ask Paul about global warming—and the self importance many of us place on our personal impact. He’s quiet, he’s wise, and he can fix his own computer hardware. Who does this?

We’re lucky to have Stefan back for a 4th year. He is a man of many talents (birding, physics, music, German…)… He can make a sweat lodge from an old 3p tent, and this year he also catches fish. He manages the outfitting yard with competence and energy. I’m still looking for the “owners eye” awards he facilitates—it’s my second year unable to find them.

Britta joined us in July–and she keeps getting thrown right into new tasks–and handles it all with amazing optomism. She also has a secret Brazilain way for baking black beans when she is filling in as crew cook.

If there is a good guys club, you can count Brian in. Solid, cheerful, quiet, competent. You can tell he’s played sports all his life, because he is a team player and covers his position. Always. Plus he can drive a stick shift. Brian can catch fish on any lake, and I don’t believe he’s been to town once yet.

You may never recognize Andy again—he has a beard and long hair that he has never had. And he says that once he goes into the real world he’ll have to be clean cut again. Unless he colors his hair, adds major padding, takes a job as Santa. He’s a great guy, who can take everything that he can dish out! With his sense of humor, he keeps the outfitting yard lively, and so far he has found all of the owner’s eye awards, darn it!
We fondly refer to Camille as “the vegan.” She was pegged before she came. She can run very fast and very very far, and maintains a light cheerful attitude around here. We think she has the right to eat marshmallows and jello, and still call herself a vegan. She gets to eat in any category she wants!
Cass is leaving this week, and we all feel pretty sad about that. She holds it all together here—taking care of all of us, plus the guests and especially the children. Any children. I’m thinking if she had lived in an ancient community she might have been a healer.

Then there are the former staff members—those who circle around and come back and pitch in just at the right time. Carrie and Steve—and Mary—what would we have done without them today?
These are some of the best people that I know. At the end of the day, we’re grateful for each of them.

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  1. ~a says:

    From one who wishes they were still part of the family… thanks for introducing the new members.

    Will be in touch!