The Weather

We Minnesotans in Cook County are a very simple people this time of year. All we really talk about is the weather. We just can’t get over it.

In college I remember learning about Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. If I have it right, at the very bottom of his pyramid theory are the needs for air, food, water, shelter… or “some way to achieve a constant body temperature.” Then…people move up the to safety, then belonging, esteem, self actualization.

That’s all well and good and noble, but during January and February, we’re all stuck at the bottom. We do like our winters, but that “achieving-a-constant body-temperature part” takes over. And now…it’s March…and these past few days…it has been in the 30’s! And sunny! And we’re dancing. The sun feels so WARM. Nothing actually HURTS. Can spend the entire afternoon out there…it’s glorious! Still winter by all standards, but it’s so FUN to ski and slide and wander around and play broomball and actually be able to throw snowballs and build things.

No worrying about self actualization when all we need to do is sit on the deck with the sunshine on our faces…and be competely happy. No transcending going on. At least for the next few grateful weeks…we’ll all be talking about the weather.