The Return of February

We’re having such beautiful sunny February weather–zero degree mornings, sunny 32 degree afternoons. Bright sparkle days—we say this because it keeps us cheery about the winter days EVEN THOUGH IT IS APRIL 10TH!!! The lake has frozen solid again-so the kids can’t go poking logs through the otter holes as they were 2 weeks ago. We got almost a foot of snow—and we’re glad for the lingering moisture. We’re also madly filling up the bird feeder for all of the little guys that accidentally came our way during the beautiful May days that we were having in March.

Today our favorite UPS driver, Bill is bringing 60 cases of dehydrated food, and we’re getting ready for your first staff members due to arrive in a couple of weeks. We have shiny new canoes and we’re ready for fishing opener!!! Just a couple of 60 degree days away. Here’s hoping for April tomorrow!