The Snow Makers

Chip, Kari, Kristoffer, and Meaghan of the Anderson family have started a tradition of bringing the snow with them.  They visited Tuscarora a few years ago for Thanksgiving.  That year they raced a blizzard up here from cities, arriving just in time for the snow to start.  This year they made a last minute decision to come back up for Thanksgiving.  On Wednesday they arrived in time to see fall.  The met a nice buck on the road (not saying where!), hiked on the crunchy, bare ground, and listened to waves lapping on the shore of Round Lake.  After their turkey was devoured, the snow started.  The next morning they were out snow shoeing in  a picture perfect winter day.  Heavy snow lay on all the trees and from their perch in cabin 5, they watched the ice form on Round. If the snow is pokey next year, we will give this nice family a call and have them bring up some snow!

photos courtesy of Kari Kennedy