Towering Pines

by Rachel
We love our white pines here at Tuscarora. The old towering ones as well as the tiny Dr. Seuss style
new ones. Walking up the drive way to the cabins feels like walking into a towering cathedral. They
cause a bit of a hazard when you become more preoccupied with watching and listening to the wind in
the canopies then paying attention to where you are going. We encourage new white pines that spring
up under the old by clearing out the fast growing shrubs that could over power the baby trees.
Countless buckets of water have been hauled by the staff to nurture seedlings planted in clearings.
Sometimes, despite our love and attention, a pine comes crashing down in a wind storm. Although sad
to see it go, we know that that is part of the life of a forest. The latest tree to go down was a good sized
one, so staffer Andrew crafted it into four new benches around camp, which will serve as great places
for our guests to take a break this summer. Come by sometime this summer and have a seat on one of
them and listen to the sound of the wind in our white pines.

2 Responses

  1. sid levin says:

    Looking forward to sitting on those benches! See you in late July!

  2. Not as much as we’re looking forward to meeting Ralph, I’m betting! So cute….