Last week we hosted the 5th annual Tuscarora Triathlon. It’s unofficial really, originally just for a little afternoon activity for the staff here…..and it has morphed into an event for Tuscarora friends, neighbors, guests, other staff members too, maybe about 40 or 50 people this year. Actually, anyone is welcome.

The Course:
Start from Tuscarora beach and swim to the Round Lake landing (we’re guessing that would be an unofficial half mile).
Then, bike from there, do a lap around the outfitting yard back to the landing, and then back to Tuscarora (a very HILLY unofficial 3 miles).
Then run from Tuscarora to the mailbox and back. (about 2 miles). And that is ENOUGH for me.

The finish line, back on the dock, into the water. And finally, a little celebration dinner.

Some individuals completed the entire course, some competed on teams, some used noodles and flippers, some modified the course to fit their wishes—it was all OK, all very unofficial.

We did have a few official lifeguards on the dock and in canoes– .

Monica wasn’t discouraged, even though she was wayyyyy behind most of the swimmers in her kayak–where I heard she was towing a small pack of 10 year old boys.

Even a few of the coolest Grand Marais ninth graders were here chillin

Lindsay and Mike took the team title.

Tuscarora Andrew passed up
Grand Marais Chris Hegg at some point, to win the individual competition. Although, there was a bit of an age difference, we don’t have official categories in our unofficial traithlon.

Here we have Michael (Phelps) Hyde, a daunting competitor.

I heard, unofficially, that the guys from the Seagull Guard Station were still on the clock—that the triathlon counted as their fitness training for that day.

I think they have to pass some sort of pack-test, but maybe THAT test is too official for the flip flops?

Jana is a lean Lutsen machine.

Sarah looks tough, because you have to be tough in order to be on the housekeeping staff this time of year.

Can you hear Mike? He’s saying “piece o’ cake”

And at the end comes the finish leap…could be the best part.

And that was a wrap. Really fun, and you are invited next year. We’re considering actual triathlon t shirts. Maybe tye dye. Maybe not. I can’t tell you the exact date, some Tuesday or Wednesday in July probably….but….setting a date right now, that would be kind of official, and it is the unofficial Tuscarora triathlon after all….