Tribute to Dell

This month, we were saddened due to the passing of a Tuscarora and Boundary Waters friend.  His son David took the time to email us the following note –

“I wanted to let you know that my dad, Dell, passed away on November 8th after a very brief battle with pancreatic cancer.  As we’ve been putting together a slide show for next weekend’s service, I keep finding photo after photo of our many family trips to Tuscarora.  My dad absolutely loved it in the Boundary Waters and in particular the connection to Tuscarora Lodge.  Some of the best memories my kids will have of their grandpa happened there: playing Kings in the Corner and Hand and Foot on rainy days, swimming off the dock, rock hopping down the Cross River, learning from Grandpa how to drive the motor boat and bait a hook, blue berry picking, and making the Missing Link-Snipe-Cross Bay-Ham Lake-Cross River circle for a lunch adventure.  These trips are part of family lore and make me smile every time I think of them.

I was doing a Google search for my dad’s obituary, and the first hit I saw when I entered his name was for a 2008 Tuscarora blog entry that he sent, and you posted, about waking up to the morning mist on Round Lake with the moon reflecting in the water.  The timing of seeing this entry and photo was perfect.  It was a clear reminder of his love of nature and his ability to see wonder and beauty in everything and everyone.  Thank you for helping us to create family memories that matter.  We look forward to seeing you on our next visit.”

Dell’s blog post can be found here –


Dell was a great man and his wife Judy a wonderful person. The world is saddened by his passing but better off because he was in it.

I liked Dell….


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