Two Thumbs Up–to the Northridge Middle Schoolers

If you’re from Middlebury checking up on your kids –we welcomed them in good spirits about 9pm last night.

They completed orientations last night–and headed out in calm waters and sunshine this morning.

All is wellit looks as though it is going to be a great week.

The only snag….Jamison lost his sunglasses. He visited the lost and found this morning. No worries–but it looks as though he’s going to need those this week!

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  1. Smith Family says:

    Well, we all made it home after a great week in the BWCAW. Thanks again for another great year, can’t wait to do it again next year! Those sunglasses did happen to turn up… a young man happened to pack them when he was half asleep in the morning.
    We’ll send pictures soon. Thanks for everything Tuscarora!