Wolf Pack

Tuscarora guests–the Mickelsons visited a local road this morning–and they were greeted by an entire wolf pack. They watched—then came back to get their kids, and drove back to observe the puppy antics some more.

If we can figure out how to hook up the video camera to my computer, I can later include a video of the puppies learning to howl. It gives me goose bumps every time!

Thanks to Greg Mickelson for sharing these great photos with us.

They wondered about so many pups—seeming like two different litters (4 littler guys, 3 bigger ones—???) Obviously together…but my understanding is that the pack allows only one female to mate with the Alpha male–and they all take care of the pups.

This group was a little different. Perhaps they came from a polygamous belief system? Or maybe–some just grew faster than others.

Could she be the only mother?

This smaller male was a baby-sitter of sorts.

They didn’t get the photo of the large beautiful male they were guessing was the alpha–but apparently he was bi–ig.

I just read about the pups–and Greg said that they were beginning to pounce on little critters and hunt a little—

  • 4 weeks – Weigh 5-6 lbs.; growth of adult hair around nose and eyes; bodies begin to take on conformation of adults with disproportionately large feet and head; high-pitched howls are gaining strength; mother may go off for hours on end to hunt; dominance and play fighting begin.
  • 5 weeks – Gradual process of weaning begins. Can follow adults up to one mile from den.
  • 8 weeks -Disproportionately large feet and head.
  • 8-10 weeks – Adults abandon den and move pups to rendezvous site; weaning complete, pups can feed on food provided by adults; adult hair becomes apparent on body.
  • Maybe they were somewhere between 6-10 weeks old? You can bet I’ll be on the lookout for this big family!