By the Banks of the Frost River

Recently, Sheridan, Sheldon, and Ben Frank traveled through the Frost River–to Little Sag, and Tuscarora.

We’ve had good water levels so far this summer for the Frost River (out of Frost Lake, just south and west of Long Island Lake–flowing toward Little Saganaga).
Even so, it’s a challenging route. Sometimes, water levels in July and August can turn the challenging route into …..a seriously challenging route. Our friend DaveO once called the Frost River the best kept secret of the BWCA. What I’m trying to say, is one person’s “best kept secret” can be another person’s sheer hell.
The Franks however, had a great time. Can you tell that they were enjoying the weather we’ve been having?….50’s at night 70’s during the day (perfect, if you ask me)—Thanks to Sheridan for sharing her photos here–she obviously has a photographer’s eye.
They saw some baby beavers learning to swim–the lily pads here are about the size of small tortillas–just to give you some perspective on the little guys in the photos below. The way Sheridan described the chattering I guess I love those babies from here.

You know, in the BWCAW you’re supposed to stash your fish guts well away from the lake. In the Quetico people are allowed to leave the leftovers on the shore rocks, for the seagulls and eagles to pick clean. It sounds like a good clean sustainable plan, until the eagles start counting on it. Early this summer in Quetico, John Hooley’s group had some eagles following them around, waiting to feed their young in a nest nearby. The Hooleys are pretty successful on Kawnipi, and the eagles decided not to wait for the entrails–they just started snatching the fish right from the line. I don’t know what kind of test line it takes to hold back an eagle from flying away with a fish—but I believe as they were trying to reel in the walleye and the eagle at the same time, they may have just redefined the term “birding”.
The eagles always won. I hope the lures didn’t hurt them, but I think it’s another good reason to stash fish guts well away from the shoreline, campsites and portages….

I try really hard to appreciate the moths around here. They are at their loveliest when they clump together around the scat. Mmmmm. Sometimes the contrasts are what a person learns to value in this life.

It’s a fabulous time of year .

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Still love these photos!