Fishing Opener 2013

2013.05.12 blog (2)

Fishing opener has come and gone with out the usual excitement. We sent out one brave father and son team to try their luck on Ham Lake. They didn’t come back the same day so they must have made it to a campsite! They were a pretty determined duo. The day before they did some exploring up the Gunflint Trail, taking in a few hikes while waiting for the ice to break. While exploring they heard some favorable reports about the ice on Larch Lake and Ham Lake so they gave it a try.

2013.05.12 blog

Today (Sunday) the wind has kicked up which is breaking up the ice on Round Lake.  The sheets are crashing into each other making a cool tinkling sound and fracturing the ice into impossibly sharp shards.  Andy watched one group paddle around the ice plates from public access all the way to the portage for Missing Link Lake.  They had to do a lot of zigging and zagging, but they got there.  Another group will be trying it tomorrow morning.  Not sure yet about how Tuscarora Lake looks, but that was their goal.

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Ice shards on Round Lake

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A little bit of open water!

Staff members have been busy raking, raking, raking!  All of the canoes are out and ready to go as soon as the ice clears.  We are slowly getting the water turned back on to the summer buildings.  Our dining hall is all set and ready for our first French toast breakfast.  The shower house is back in action too so we are ready for guests!  If the weather keeps getting nicer each day as forecasted, we should all be out paddling any day now!

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Denali supervising the raking