Round Lake Wolves

This is Stan, our Cabin 3 guest. As he headed out with two leashed dogs at 6am Saturday morning, I alerted him to the wolf pack in our area—I see them often in the early morning (you’d think I’d get used to them, but they still send my heart racing . )
Stan nodded, but the twinkle in his eye gave me the feeling that he thought I was being a little over dramatic. When he came back though, he chuckled as he told me that I must have those wolves on radio collar—to send them out on command, because he met a huge one.
Cary from Cabin 6, walking his dog a little later, also came on a pup. I’ve been told that the presence of a dog will increase the chances of a wolf encounters—seems to be so.
Twice in the last few weeks, a roly piglet wolf-pup with a big fluffy tail was seen. Seems like we’ve narrowed down where the den might be, so I feel a little protective of these guys. From the sightings this spring, I think I’ve figured out the pack. (I’m just filling in blanks really, I haven’t actually been close enough to determine gender, or see the pack together—consider the next part fiction, sort of).
Our Round Lake Pack
The big grey bushy husky leader has challenged Denali a couple of times. He must be the alpha; the way he looks me in the eye makes the back of my neck prickle, then his gaze makes me sort of angry. Three lankier whiter sleddog-like adults are more skittish. The other two adolescents must be last years pups. Early in May Denali came nose to nose with those two–they showed no aggression. When I whistled for her, they looked like they might come to me too. And then the new puppies—or the puppy? I haven’t personally confirmed a sighting of this one. So–I’m guessing this makes the pack or seven or eight whose territory intersects Tuscarora territory.
When we listen to them howl in the evenings, we can tell this is a fine time to be a wolf on the Gunflint Trail!

Check out the cool video clip that Barb Geccas (from Hestons on Gunflint Lake) took in April of a wolf on their property.