Here and Now

I was reading about this American woman making soup for these farmers in Zimbabwe. The fields were dry, they had been in a drought for awhile and as they began to eat, it started to pour. So hard that the sheets of rain splashed the soup out of the bowls into their faces, and while she was running for cover, the farmers just sat there in the pelting rain and ate the cucumber soup. Because, if they got up and left the rain, then they were afraid the rain might leave them.

It was the season of rain, and they wanted more rain.

In the season of rain, they were savoring the rain.

I was going to be deliberate about that this March weekend. Strive to treasure the moments, just as they came. I didn’t want any more or any less, was just was going to cherish what I had.

Let me tell you though, it wasn’t difficult to do that with this weekend. Gorgeous, sunny spring, 50 degrees. Definitely relishing these moments wasn’t a huge challenge, there was no rain….but still. Maybe I could just practice for a rainy day.

Andy spent a couple days on vacation— with some good friends of his who came up for their annual boys’ weekend. These are really good guys, even if they cheat a little at broomball. (!)

Daniel had a hockey tournament canceled, we only went to town for one tennis practice, otherwise, we had unbroken hours at home for a change. We played a lot a lot of broomball. Hours of broomball.

There was some fishing, we skied some, We had some nice fathers/sons guests who ventured out fishing too. Easy sunny days.

Right now I’m spent. Daniel and I just finished a game of Stare, and he didn’t cream me like as badly as he usually does. Andy has fallen asleep on the couch, Denali is rolling around on the floor while Daniel scratches her ears. Shelby is doing some homework.

It is really good to be here and now.