Round Lake Fly Fishing

Charlie Jones and Tim Ivey traveled from their homes in Georgia/North Carolina to spend the week with us.

When they first arrived, I knew they were fishing, and I asked if they needed a boat. Nope, they showed me their own boats. And I was thinking…hmmmm, hope you guys are happy here. Because…this isn’t how it usually works on Round Lake.

Tim is a fly tying guy. He’s holding his card of flies to try in the BWCA. He already knows what works down South.

My friend Ingrid fly fishes for bass up here; it is becoming increasingly popular, I just don’t know how myself. I wasn’t thinking they’d have a lot of luck in their little rigs.

As the week progressed, we grew pretty fond of Charlie and Tim. They were good sports about the cool weather (although Tim said he was looking forward to returning to 94 degrees AND 94% humidity. I say—I’m glad somebody likes that climate…!)

Charlie had a really nice camera with a telephoto lens, and didn’t disturb the loon on her nest in his quiet boat.

And they had wild success with their flies. A great time….I believe they were on to something with their rigs!

And the word is–the Woolly Booger that Tim ties is the magic fly up here. He left some for the Tuscarora Trading Post, and he left his luckiest Woolly Booger for staff member Maggie to use with her fly rod.
We were sorry to see them go–