Winter Frolics

The kids are off this week…the sun is more intense in February, even if the days start out really really cold.

We skied to the Seagull Lake Palisades on Sunday. We’re all pretty happy to trek up there and hike up the back of the Palisades

….but none as happy as Denali. She sure models the whole “live in the moment” philosophy.

The Danfeld-Martin driveway may be difficult to navigate during the rain

on an early February day…but it is the BEST SLIDING HILL IN MINNESOTA. I’m sort of old, and I’ve been around the Minnesota sliding hills in my life. And I’m not exaggerating. It was AWESOME!!!

We competed in the annual Schobrichibiner ski/snowshoe race. We’re proud to say that nobody broke their skis,

even though almost everybody wiped out at least once.

We sure like those Schnobrichs.

Don’t believe it for a minute if somebody tells you

that only hicks live in Hovland.

Daniel is still playing hockey…and that is a carpool trick to get to Silver Bay for practices and games. He loves it, and is very grateful ( meaning helpful and appreciative)—he’s a very happy middleschooler around the house this year.

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