Making Memorial Weekend Memories

Splendid weekend for paddling and fishing…….. added bonus–no bugs.

The Bowers family took the Snipe loop…..

Mike Mulligan gets a full soloshot, our goodwill gesture because he was cropped out of all of the Gunflint Green Up brochures, and we think he’s one of the good guys anyhow.

Hearty travelers.

Joe and Dan spent the weekend in the boat….

Lucky us! Les and Pauline took an impromptu trip up from Iowa and ended up in Cabin 6. (Note their optimistic sunglasses to match their optimistic attitudes—and sure enough the sun came out Sunday afternoon in time for them to swim.)

Longtime favorite staff member, Grand Marais youth soccer coach, outfitting expert Noah brought his Grandma for the weekend. Gladys cleaned up on cribbage in the crew cabin—taking on any willing opponent—-Noah pitched in and shared some outfitting wisdom with new staff members.
Wonderworkers Cass and Lindsay cleaned the trucks. It was a great weekend for just about anything!