Winter Tracks Wonder

I’ve got coffee and the couch…and a dog who manages to arrange herself so that she can rest one paw and her chin on me, and keep one eye on the bird feeder if needed, and sneak in a quick kiss if I talk sweetly to her…really nice early morning moment.
The temperature is already above zero, and the sun was up before I was.

Last night we went to Trail Center where the local radio station was broadcasting “The Roadhouse” show as part of the Gunflint Trail Winter Tracks Festival….it’s a tradition that we’ve come to look forward to. The restaurant was hopping, we knew people at several tables… and I always get a kick out of the whole live radio bit. The interviews make me laugh a little because I feel like we’re faking it, complete with great realistic props–headphones and microphones…like the kids and I used to play with at the Children’s Museum when they were little.

About 6pm multiple pagers went off….many members of the Gunflint Trail Fire Department were in the crowd. We listened to the call for an ambulance….. An unscheduled event for this family of six—who had been on John Silliman’s Guided Snowshoe Hike Friday afternoon, and might have been getting ready for the Guided Wolf Howl Trek? I don’t know.

At any rate, the mom and dad (a former EMT) headed down in the Gunflint Trail Ambulance, with several other EMTs from the department. They had to pull the ambulance over a couple of miles from town, so Dad could safely deliver his 5th child..a healthy little boy…an unscheduled Winter Tracks Wonder.

We have big plans for today….the kids will carve a snow block, my friend Kelly is doing presentation, Tuscarora broomball at 2, dinner at Gunflint Lodge… great fun.

but I’m musing over the unplanned events of life, sometimes the most wonderful of all!